Monday, February 14, 2011

Tafseer Surah Ta ha : Shaykh Ismail Musa Menk

A pedestrian journey across Surah Ta Ha with Shaykh Ismail Musa Menk, Mufti of Zimbabwe.

Some 30 years back I remember this short and terse conversation with my sister in law,
" Howk, it is dangerous to read and study the Quran by yourself without being face to face with a guru. You are learning with the iblis as the second person !"

30 years on she is still stuck to her tajweed class in Damansara whenever she can, crawling still at mukadam and I, the recalcitrant one who will one day burn in hell for 'befriending an iblis', at least in her book, have finished Hamka and Ibnu Katsir and Muhammad Muhammad Al Ghazali's Thematic Commentary of The Quran, twice over, so much for learning and 'romancing' with the 'iblis' !

As to learning the Quran face to face with a guru, who, if he or she is a 'typical Malaysian' ustaz or ustazah, usually is as ignorant as you are with regards to the meaning and ramifications of the Quran, given that their Arabic is next to zero. They are of course experts at tajweed and the balaghah and the dengong etc and etc pointing fingers to these 'imam' and that 'imam' not being able to read this and that surah properly etc etc and etc, and thus their prayers and the prayers of their 'makmun' automatically negated.......Frankly, I have very little patience for these clowns actually, and they are many here in KL.

Tajweed is important I am sure but while waiting for your tajweed to be perfect learn and read the Quran for our on sake. Tajweed will earn you 'points' but without understanding the message in the Quran, that mountain of 'karat2 jahiliah' in us would not move an iota, despite tons of perfect tajweed!

"Son, what got to you today was never ever meant to miss you and what missed you today was never ever meant to hit you".....

"In my line of 'work' I see people on a daily basis with 'heart' pain and 'clogged' arteries but increasingly I also see people and friends with 'clogged' souls .Both these groups continue to enrich and 'educate' my life . My meeting them is no 'accident' .All have been 'pre-decided' in the 'Loth Mahfuz' long before time . 'Life is a mind game', "Clogged soul is more deleterious to long term health than clogged arteries"..........

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