Monday, February 7, 2011

Reflections : Shaykh Mokhtar Al Maghraoui

Dr. Mokhtar Maghraoui reflects on the life of Prophet Muhammad SAW in this three part series. Al Marghraoui in his very special insightful way discusses The Prophet's Seerah with a group of his students. I feel this 2007 video still very relevant to us despite some interruption in the sound quality when his students vocalise their own reflections....
I thoroughly enjoy these videos and find it illuminating and very educational and I hope you do as well. There is something Al Maghraoui has which is fairly rare in an ulama' nowadays, and even rarer before except during the Spanish Cordoba and Serville era perhaps when Muslims were masters of the sciences. A mastery of the profane and the sublime!. He holds a double doctorate in Physics and electronic engineering and is equally at home discussing the purification of the 'qalb' and things 'fekah' as well.

Bio Data :

Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui is one of the most well renowned scholars in North America and is a foundation scholar for Al-Madina Institute. Originally from Algeria, he is thoroughly versed in the Islamic sciences and holds a doctorate joined between the fields of physics and engineering. His expertise includes the disciplines of Tazkiyah and Fiqh, and he is best known for his enlightening retreats and seminars empowering Muslims on their spiritual quest.

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