Sunday, February 13, 2011

Total Honesty.....

Food for Thought :

Whenever I passed by Masjid Abu bakar As Siddiq in Seksyen 19, Subang Jaya, near my home, I am always reminded by what total honesty and sincerity can do. Money can be stretched a long long way when one has these two ingredients [ 'asam garam' ]. Tuan Haji Yusuff [ YB Sharifah Norli's husband, A Selangor DUN before ], a qualified engineer himself, along with a small group of dedicated and selfless individuals who would remained unnamed here, built it for 1.5 million RM ! Now it is there 'TERSERGAM' and 'INDAH'. No hanky panky, only blood ,sweat and tears and a lot of piety with a big dose of honesty and sincerity amongst these small group of individual pioneers.

Where you do not have these 'asam garam' you have 1.2 billion RM loss of almost 100 % bumiputera money in the latest Sime Debacle in Qatar, 1 billion RM per frigate in the future naval extravaganza, and whatever future loss from the Wawasan Tower or whatever projects one can think of in the future to lace up further one's pocket and the pockets of one's cronies in the name of national development.

Some cheeky thoughts as I make that slow drive to my hospital this morning for my morning round, passing yet again the 'masjid that Yusuf built'.

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