Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unto Him is The Journeying


Woken up with a cold sweat just now at 3 AM still thinking about Libya! Some American Muslims have found it fit to ask Obama to go into Libya and solve the problem there !! My God when is this common, cheapskate, convenient modus operandi of 'invasion into Muslim hinterland' going to end ?? Sudan is going to be divided, Afghanistan, Pakistan, then Libya, then Iran ,,one day Malaysia...this is madness !
No one has invaded israel yet despite all the animal noise people make at the UN or around the world !

Surf the net on Libya amd Muamar Gaddafi, The Madman of Africa....come across Ismail Musa Menk's discourse on DEATH. Libya has to wait. Leave Muamar alone. Leave the madness and 'heartbreak' of world politics aside......

Let us see what this Zimbabwe Mufti has to say about DEATH. I throw in my colleauge's [ Dr Rahmat Haruon own discourse on the issue for good measure ] poem in as well, for good measure. He had had some brush with death recently:

Nik Howk


M A T I....

Nafi itu mati
pergi jauh kau dari sini
biar aku sendiri dalam isolasi
murka pada mati
kenapa kau mahu ziarahi
diri ini
mahu kutawar-menawar dengan mati
bukan kini
biarlah lain hari
kalau mati datang lagi
biar hanya mampir lalu berlalu pergi
usah kau kembali
wahai mati
kemunculanmu mengundang depresi
Tundalah kedatanganmu mati
sehingga aku bersedia merangkulmu nanti
masamu akan tiba wahai mati
tika daku terimamu segenap sanubari.

31 Januari 2011.

Shaykh Ismail Musa Menk's discourse on Death, click here

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RahmatHarounHashim said...

dear Nik,
I manage to listen to Sy. Ismail Musa's ceramah and have better understanding about death from Islamic perspective. Tq.

Pearls and Gem said...

Then perhaps you would by now change your perception on DEATH. When it comes, it will not miss you by a day, earlier or faster, despite whatever we do . One of Rasullallah's sahabat on his deathbed had this to say to his son:
" Ya baniy, know that,what is meant to hit you will not miss you and what is meant to miss you, will not hit you, whatever you do. Unless you comprehend this fact,you will not be a total Muslim" that effect.

Total comprehension of qada' wal qadar requires us to accept that God operates beyond our known dimensions of space,time, cause and effect. It will take away our 'morbid' fear of death.It will free us from the chain of human bondage and enslavement.

Mokhtar Al Maghraoui discusses this concept very succiently well in an earlier article, I think it was in the Nov 2010 blog if I am not mistaken, or under the 'Foundation of Faith' heading.