Sunday, July 10, 2016

AL QALWA TALES | Teganu Kite Revisited....

Myself, Johan, Adreana and Nadzru went out at 1 am to the beach just beyond the horses paddock to watch turtles laying their eggs.

There was sign of turtle landing but quite premature because 'it' made a beeline in the sand back to the sea, presumably the lights coming from our veranda was  deemed by it to be not ideal  and safe place to lay its eggs there.

Turtle landings are from the months of late March to early October in this part of  'Teganu'
The local WWF people have parceled out the beaches into one kilometre strips and tendered out to locals at around 5 to 6k RM per kilometre. 

This saves WWF a lot of money from having to have local 'guards' to patrol the beach as the problem will always be who watches over the 'guards'...and also who watches over the watchers of the guards...

[.which reminds us of the problem and antics in Putrajaya .......we are still very much 'third world' anyway!! ]

Each landing usually bears about 80 to 100 eggs, some to be sold back to Gomen at 5rm each. At the big 'pasar' in KT, turtle eggs are been sold at 10rm each. Each 'tender holder' is required to sell x amount of eggs per season to a local govt hatchery at Penarik, about 4 kilometres away from my place.


On the crocodile story, my Hamzah went out again last week spear fishing  at 2 am at the ' alur' behind our house. He was met with a 4-foot long crocodile who was more aggressive than the  '2- foot' ikan toman' he speared but failed to 'catch', a month ago. [' ikan toman, people find in Kenyir, not in brackish water in Merang', I remember telling Hamzah at that time... ]

It's eyes shoned back at him, reddish in colour. Very distinctively 'crocodile'!

" Dakto, boleh ko anok boyo dulu jadi besar macae ning dalae tigo minggu? ", he asked me curiously, the next day.

" Mung ning beto macae bendul la Mezah!.....tu lah abe dio !...belum juppo mok dio lagi! "
[ you are as straight as a 'bendul'.....that is its brother!...wait till you meet it's mother! ]

That would stop my Hamzah from midnight fishing for the next  2 weeks at the most!
....and concentrate more at his work.
Al Qalwa is long overdue.

A Close Encounter in Teganu Kite.....

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