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Failed Coup in Ankara........?? long dirty hands of uncle sam

Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah

Sun 7/17/2016 9:23 AM

friends, dato and tansri,

is the failed coup in ankara distantly related to uncle sam?
possible, in fact more probable than possible, otherwise why should us secretary of state , john kerry right from the onset denies it?

this reminds me of an  old 'kentut' [ fart ] joke about a kelantan taxi driver plying his business betwwen gua musang and padang pa' amat , pasir puteh.

there was this punjent smelling 'hot air' coming form the back seat of his 1967 old merc 200.
everyone of his four passengers kept quiet.

on reaching padang pa'amat, and all his passegers disembarking  and paying their fare, the taxi driver ,suddenly out of the blue shouted back..

'heh! demo hok ketut tadi tok bayar lagi!..'
[ the chap who fart just now has not paid his due yet! ]
' heh! ambo bayar doh !! ', retorted pa mat nyadap.
[ no sir!... i already paid! ]

dr nik


From: Wan Ariff 2 Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2016 9:59 AM
To: Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah

Subject: Re: conspiracy theory......'uncle sam' long and dirty hands!!??

I believe this article is makes more sense and is more reliable :

Securitising  the Hizmet/Gulen movement | 


Nik Isahak to dato wan ariff
to dato wan

Today 11:28 AM

Wan Ariff 2 (;

dato yeh,

maybe you are right.
you and ts wan ming have a bigger world view than mine definitely.....

wart, carbuncle and all  though for all it's worth, turkey after being a pathetic beggar at europe's high table for over 70 years begging to join the union...only now  has a 'mahathir' in its midst.
the pm's before him erbakan, tansu ciller, bulent eccevit, suleyman demirel, etc etc did not have much popular support.

in the midst of brexit, one who still wants to join europe must have their heads collectively examined! both the top and bottom!
joining eec now  and sharing it's 'poverty' and debt is  not critical for turkey.
turkey is no longer the 'sick man' of europe as it was a century ago.
spain, portugal, greece, etc etc, all  are sick hanging for dear life to germany and equally sick france...

a banking collapse is imminent.

i have the feeling even 15 years back , if hypothetically, mahathir had his way with eaec [ east asia economic caucus ], an organized 'air plane crash' or  an organized accident' could well be easily arranged.  
and this easily solve all headache. but mahathir failed to persuade the japanese. 
and the chinese then was less assertive as now. 
so why should cia waste a bullet in his head?

one must never forget  at around that time reagan had passed that controversial act of 'open covert action'  as being entirely legal from the security perspective in the name of usa security.

i am deeply suspicious of uncle sam.....
i know you guys have close personal relationship with fethullah gullen.
i read his books.
he is a nice old man.
but even nice old man, america can made full use of, if it suits them.

 you guys may say i am paranoid about america.
but we have always been proven right some 50 years later about this super rouge state, when the papers are free for citizens to read.
if they can organise assasination for president allende of chile, the iranian pm mossadegh and several others , what is the problem with yet another one?

not everyone in this world has the balls and the nerve to shoot down a russian mig!
..and escape unscratch.
erdogan is the best  and most resilein that ever happened to turkey.
sadam, despite his brutality is the best for iraq 10 years back....compared to democratic iraq right now.
libya had some semblance of normality before they decapitate  colonel muamar ghaddafy.

orghe bergheng  dan supergedebe mache ergogan ni menatae america need to 'nip it in the bud'
the talk of introducing democracy is just bullshit
democracy carries no meaning if people cannot get clean water, no electricity and eat and sleep around where they 'shit', poor or non existent drainage  and sewerage system and no health care.

at the end of the day it is all about usa security.....and to a large extent , its european allies.

the old man,dr  m , is right.
the white irish protestant catholic 'race' is really bad news for everyone!

i stick by my conspiracy theory.

dr nik howk


dato wan  ariffAriff 2

Today 12:46 Pm

Azmi Wan Hamzah (azmiwanhamzah@terang

You replied on 7/17/2016 1:43 PM.

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Re: conspiracy theory......'uncle sam' long and dirty hands!!??

Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah

Today 1:43 PM

Wan Ariff 2 (wariffhamzah@;

aah dato yeh, of all people i do not expect you to buy this tall tale!

america and israel have been arming the kurds in eastern turkey
it is akin to the british weaponising the communist party of malaya to fight tunku abdul rahman, hypothetically.....thank god it did not happened.

an independent powerful, united, islamist minded turkey....
bring back the spectre of the ottomans almost a hundred years back.

dato yeh, you take history in high school and the u.
i did just 'cari makan' chemistry, biology and physic.
but i know, isis and a strong independent islamist bent turkey is a high octane combustible mix!
it is an obvious  no no no for america and europe.
no. no no for the kuffar and the secular humanist and the millions of muslim apologists

erdogan has to go!
replace him with a compliant beer drinking, party loving military junta, anytime!
no islam please in turkey!

dr nik howk ]

from dato wan ariff :

Dear Dr Nik Howk

I don't say I believe those stories but I can certainly say I don't believe Erdogan's allegation that Fethullah Gulen was behind the failed coup. 
I have many friends in Turkey and I know alot about
how much wealth Erdogan's family has amazed. The HizmetGroup has been very critical about Erdogan's abuse of power and the corruption that is rife within Erdogan's AKP party. 
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dato yeh,

so where do we go from here dato
for a long while turkey was waiting for a leader than can make them'lift their head' above beggar status. that  he is corrupt
allegation or true, we dont know, ...even if probably true, do we then
'decapitate' this ' turkish mahathir' and let a junta set back turkey 50 years backward from the lane they previously thread.

between erdogan and the generals i would rather have least people can vote him out the next 'erection'.
if turkey need  people to smash ' some brains  on the tarmac' to  get things going ,i would vote that kind of chap, rather than it be run by the military.

the turkish electorate seem to vote for that with their hands and feet and lives on friday night!
that speaks volume!!!!!

we present day muslims have to be very careful with what we hear and read and think...
the west do not wan tto have a strong man running turkey.
your friend fethullah gulen may not be complicit in the western ball game.

he is just a pawn.
if he wants to run turkey he has to win an election.
and by the way i love his writings.

dr nik howk

From: Azmi Wan Hamzah Sent: Monday, July 18, 2016 12:48 PM
To: Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah
Subject: Re: before we move on to surah luqman.....uncle sam's long and dirty hands??

nikhowk,  you should ask nadzru and my brother - they may have valuable insight as both have, i believe, some relationship with fethullah gulen's educational charities specifically and the hikmet movement generally. i would be careful not to assume gulen would lend himself to imperialist conspiracies. recep erdogan, unfortunately, has not proven entirely impervious to the actonian maxim that power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. salam, azmi.

________________________________ peace!


Azmi Wan Hamzah (;
Wan Ariff 2 (wariffhamzah@padangpak

ts wan ming,

i consider i am very priveledge d here
2 prominent citizens and sons of serambi makkah both at my throat over erdogan
both of you guys global players and the globe is your kampong.
nikhowk has nothing except he has been gifted to look at the goings on in this world with a 'green' spec.....

your point  are well taken ts.
but on friday night the whole turkey voted with the hands, feet and their lives for erdogan.
people are tired of military junta like asisi and mubarak who are impossible to vote out.

with erdogan, if the turks dont like him , they can vote him out next general election.

we in the muslim world cannot allow american and europeans to dictate who we choose to govern and run our lives
let alone have their dirty hands in our politics.
there is already too much of this bloody nonsense already
it has come to a point they are even dictating us how we pray!!!!

there is a lot at stake in turkey by virtue of its position , history and pedigree.
and pedigree they have....100 years back , for 6 long centuries the dominated the world agenda.
they control half of the known civilised world [ i am including mughal india here....]

i love fethullah gullen
read some of his books already
but i like erdogan more.
an 'erdogan' or a 'mahathir' occurs only very occasionally in this fractured muslim world.
and when they do, we have to celebrate them.
we have to separate the grain from the chaff.
all have human failings...that is sunnatullah.

yes i do not think fethullah wants to run turkey.
if he does he should stand for election rather than undermine erdogan

this is the 1st time turkey voted in some one who is proud to be muslim.
suleyman demirel, tansu cller bulent eccevit are all secularists.
ekbakan is muslim but does not have the suavity of erdogan to govern and persuade the masses
we have to give islam a chance...wart ,carbuncle and all
this is not a perfect world.
that is sunnatullah.

i believe we muslims should look at the big picture with turkey
the big picture with turkey is it is better off with erdogan in power than some military junta under the tutelage of america.

dr nik howk

ps: let me respectfully end this discussion on the coup wit my favourite scholar's take on turkey, shaykh hamza yusuf.

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