Sunday, July 10, 2016

Muslim apologists...........

Friends, Dato and Tansri,

In my day to day readings and intercourse I have come across many prominent Muslims who are 'apologists' for the ugama.

They come in many forms: the Marina Mahathir/SIS /g25 types who reveal their utter ignorance of their ugama publicly; more dangerous to the ugama, the socalled liberal scholars , and liberal ulama who are wetting their pants trying to bend backward to the incessant Western howlings on issues like lgbt , human right etc and etc [ see Tariq Ramadan et al who want to relook and reinterpret the Qur'an to allow for more convergence with modern secular values, Kassim Ahmad et al and the quranist group  who are totally lost!]; and finally the outright ignoramus on the religion  but given space and time in the media, people like zurairi  of Malay Mail dan mereka2 yang sewaktu dengan nya .

In essence despite this being what we term as the American century, 
we as an ummah have been dominating the world for  13 centuries!!! : from 711ce to 14th century in Spain and Portugal; from 14th century to 20th during the Ottoman's time....right from the balkans , almost up to austria and moscow in the north and west , up to a big part of china, and into mughal india, including all the stans of present day russia!

sir!,  before we stoop too low, let us have some sense of history and numbers!

We are 1.6 billion and increasing.
We have 13 centuries of world dominance behind us...yes we dragging our feet this century, accepted!
We should not apologise and be 'bullied' and cowed into changing the texture and shape of our ugama by a civilization that is hardly one century old and already showing  serious 'cracks' in the wall.
No! we do not go to war with them...we are  peaceful....but when we are  trodden we should not accept that hands down.

There was a time in the history of the Muslims when one Muslim lady got raped in Belgrade, the Ottomans will be massing their troops at the Austrian border.

Do listen to tj winter's thot and perspective on our present dire need to have collective 'ridha'.

dr nik


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To: Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah

Subject: Re: before we move on to surah winter aka abadal hakim murad on 'ridha'

nikhowk,  why do you as a good muslim demand so much of others and so little of ourselves? the non-muslims do not owe any obligation to be kind, generous or supportive. we ourselves will have reboot our affairs and reset the course of muslim societies. other societies have given themselves the facility and capability to bring change and alter their collective fortunes. we muslims have, by and large, not found the way to do so. as painfully demonstrated within our own beloved motherland of open wounds. salam, azmi.

________________________________ peace!



ts wan ming,

aah ts , when you refer to our motherland that is our  collective 'pain in the ass....'.
i have been more than vocal on this motherland...that  you have not seen me yet behind bars, is a wonder.

but as far as the middle east is concerned i have no apology for my stand.
i  do not have to wait 10 years for the chilcot report that now rapts blair on the fingers!.
bush, blair, donald rumsfeld and general collin powell.....all of them should be tried at the hague and if found guilty, hanged!
hanged them upside down!....and shot.

the iraq invasion by bush senior started them all, but even well  before that..
a fact is a fact, ts 
even in peaceful malaysia, you start arming 0.2 percent of the dissenting population, and encourage dissent via the media and give lope sided reports,, there will be absolute chaos in no time.

just how many decades the west had been playing this game in the middle east, if i may ask you, ts?

decades and years of media misreporting; support of disparate groups to further their economic agendas; blatant invasions of the islamic diaspora and interventions; covert and non-covert military actions; un sanctioned and non un sanctioned blood letting in muslim countries; dacapitation of saddam, and ghaddafy......etc etc and etc and etc in the name of democracy.

isis is an aberration of islam, accepted.
a gross aberration of a peaceful ummah that preach 'SALAM', i must say.
but if you are 1.6 billion, there are aberration both at the extreme left and right of the spectrum.
...and there is no 'papacy' in islam, to influence  against this drift.

sorry, there used to be 'the grand mufti of egypt', having some semblance of that role at least in passing some 'fatwas', but post morsi, even the legitimacy of this once august  institution has gone down the drain along with the 'generals'.

if a group of young muslims blatantly and wrongly at that,  choose to interpret that the west is now openly at war with islam, there is very little anyone in the main body can do or influence, especially now.

the west approach to muslims must certainly be more nuanced that what they are doing now. 
for decades the relationship has been too lop-sided.

a whole group of new leaders need to relook and reboot their approach.
if they need help, ask the muslims, not the neo-cons in pentagon or white house.
violence, does not matter whether it is un-sanctioned violence or non un-sanctioned violence, begets more violence. 
the massive collateral damage are millions of civilians and children.

back to blair et al......
an ass-hole is an assehole , whatever you choose to call them.
blair is an absolute asshole!
along with bush, donald rumsfeld, colin powell and dick cheney.
they are war criminals, involved in genocide of millions and millions others displaced for decades.
a spade is a me.

locally , we need to get rid of all our local 'ass...' and not consider things as business as usual.
you corporate top guns of course may look at thing more pragmatically!
but having said all this, you do have some point though..
just listen to nouman ali khan here:
he shares your point.
but if you listen closely to nouman towards the end, his premise is actually different from yours.
you are almost apologising.

dr nik howk


Anonymous said...

Another Muslim apologist.

Pearls and Gem said...


i know what you are alluding to.
that tj winter backed down to pressure on the lgbt issue raised at cambridge and uk.
uk and cambridge are not exactly Kl or shah alam.
oftentimes, you need more hikmah to move forward in these 'unfriendly' places.

but unlike tariq ramadan, tj did not call for a moraritarium on hudud or plan to reinterpret the qur'an and hadiths.