Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oh My Dear Children....Surah Luqman, ayat 12 to ayat 19

Oh my dear children,
[ ru, sha, joe , nina ... and yazman ]

Ayat 12 to ayat 19 is about luqman, a wise old man, an abysinian, well before nabi's  time.
He emphasised to his children regarding the prime importance of putting allah before anything else.
Beyond that come, 'your mother', 'your  mother',  and ' your mother'....and after nabi was asked the forth time......he said, 'your father'.

More especially in their old age, and if papa might add, especially for this present generation y, especially at a time when they no longer are bringing in the 'dough'!

A year ago when Yazman's dad was slowly dying of parkinson's debilitating illness, I advice Yazman to get transferred from Bintulu to KL.  The bureacracy of tranfer took it's time.

Yazman missed that 'boat' to be close to his dad but insyaallah, now that you will be back in KL soon, you will draw closer to your mum who is living on borrowed time, being in remission from cancer.

Likewise you guys will need to be closer to your mum who just recovered from stroke.
We oldies are all living on borrowed time.
Some , unfortunately, apparently seemed to be more borrowed than others.


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