Sunday, May 8, 2011

Faces in Islam......Charles Le Gai Eaton

Charles Le Gai Eaton (Hasan le Gai Eaton or Hassan Abdul Hakeem) (1 January 1921 – 26 February 2010)[1] was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and raised as an agnostic by his parents.He received his education at Charterhouse and at King's College, Cambridge. He worked for many years as a teacher and journalist in Jamaica and Egypt. He then joined the British Diplomatic Service.

Eaton converted to Islam in 1951. He served as a consultant to the Islamic Cultural Centre in London. In 1996 he served on a committee that drafted the constitution of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Authored the following books:
Islam and the Destiny of Man
King of the Castle
Remembering God
A Bad Beginning
A Path to Islam

Kristiane Backer interview with Le Gai Eaton

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The Radical Middle Way : Charles Le Gai Eaton
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" God alone can read hearts "
Charles Le Gai Eaton

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