Sunday, May 22, 2011

Heart Attack and Primary Infarct Angioplasty and Stenting : Animation and Live

Heart attack, animation
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Angioplasty and stenting, LIVE
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Coronary angiography animation,
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Izzuddin MD said...

salam doc....

I'm not sure if u remember me but i'm the son of one of ur patients...currently a third yr medical student in egypt...i'm a big fan of ur work and hope to be an interventional cardiologist one day...i was wondering how fast can you complete the MRCP once you graduate and how long does it need to become a specialist in cardiology....??

Pearls and Gem said...

I remember your late grand pa and your grand ma. He was sprightly thin 89 year old who walked into my room one day. His echocardiogram showed a heart so big and hardly moving ! Told your dad to give 'tender, loving care' as he 'has only days'. Went on to live for 6 months!...the virtue of being under weight.

Your dad had 2 stents inplanted recently. Absolutely no symptom at all and that is Cardiology...sometime we need to have the insight of a 'bomoh' !

Back to your question.
We have , at last count 20 local medical schools churning out products , oftentimes unrecognisable...even the young consultants now are behaving like bomoh. You have to work hard even at student level now to be specialist material since the jostling for limited training posts during your time [ 2015 ] onwards could be very crowded. Our govt as usual has poor planning.

Get noticed by your 'Medical Unit' bosses early in your housemanship. Get into a medical Unit early in your formative period. Going to be hard but you have to do it. Go thru the paces for 2 to 3 years ideally on rotstion postings if you are lucky enough to be in an academic unit in a University setting , otherwise in a busy GH setting,try to work under several subspecialitiers within Medicine. Ideally get your Part 1, just after your housmanship. Do your Part 2 and 3 soon after otherwise you lose your focus.

After your MRCP,get into an Interventional cardiology unit. My time we all go to the UK for 3 to 4years.Now you dont nedd to.

The bottom line is : Passion and try to maintain your focus. Difficult I must say because this period also coincide with 'falling in love, getting married, non relevant posting etc etc etc'.

Enjoy the journey. It helps a lot if inwardly you can say to yourselve, ' this is fardzu'.