Monday, May 2, 2011

The Power of Arabic language.....Shaykh Muhammad Al Yacoubi

I think I have already told you this personal story of mine but I will tell you again since it is a costly personal lesson on ignorance and some lesson could be gain from it.

2003.... World Equestrian Game in Jerez, Spain...I was representing Malaysia in the 160 kilometre endurance event.
200 horses started at 4 am in the morning amidst thunder and storm. Horses were going crazy jumping around like mad with lightning everywhere. Riders failing like flies at the start.
I started well with ya Rahman, Ya Rahim.....Past the 10 kilometres mark all settled.
By the 100th kilometre mark I was running out of Name.
At well past noon, three quarter down the race I was number 20 or so out of 150 remaining riders and horses.

Was stuck at ' ya Mutakkabir' for 20 kilometres or so.
My horse fell down and died of exhaustion....I was still too strong at that time I felt I could lift the horse and finish the race !

A probable case of wrong name for the wrong horse at wrong time. More of a case of gross lack of Ilm.??...but not of trying.

I was a 'pariah' in the international endurance scene for 2 years, pending investigation. 'Horse death' was a major NO NO, even at such incredible distance under difficult circumstances involving difficult terrain and unfriendly weather condition. Finally exonerated by the world equestrian body though, Federation Equestrian Internationale. Mashaallah, what a life !

[ on hind sight, 'ya Latif' or 'ya Salamm', at the last 20 kilometres or so may well could have put me and my horse in good stead, huwallahualam ! ]

Shaykh Muhammad Al Yacoubi, Mufti of Syria
on The Power of Arabic language
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The Arabic language is sacred,
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