Thursday, May 19, 2011


Did you know this about Libya ?

Hard to believe........Not many people know about it !

Some other facts (that mainstream media will never tell you)
about this "terrible dictator and blood sucking monster" Gaddafi
who "terrorizes" his own people:

- Loans to Libyan citizens were given with NO interest. Almost
all loans eventually get converted to grants

- Students would get paid the average salary for the profession
they were studying.

- If you'd be unable to get employment, the State would pay them
full salary as if they were employed.

- When you got married, the couple would get an apartment or
house for free.

- You could go to college anywhere in the world. The state paid
2,500 Euros plus for your accommodation and a car.

- Cars in Libya were sold at factory price with no government taxes.

- Libya does not owe money, (NOT a cent) to anyone. No debts.

- Free Education and Health care.

- 25% of the population with university degrees.

- No beggars on the streets and no homelessness (until the recent bombings).

- 20 loaves of bread cost $0.15.

- And many more !

No wonder the US and other capitalist countries do not like Libya.
Gaddafi would not consent to taking the IMF or World Bank loans
at high interest rates. In other words Libya was INDEPENDENT!
That is the real reason for war in Libya!
He may be a dictator, but
that is not a US or European problem.
Then why in the hell are they bombing Libya?
I am sure you know the answer...ask the Zionist US and Zionist Europe this!!!!! They are stooooogests of Israel !!!!

Through UN Security Council, all independent thinking Muslim leaders who dare think differently will be 'hanged'. indicted, criminalised.
That is the world in wonder the legacy of Osama bin Laden will live on. Criminals like Bush and Blair will still be free to ply their trade.


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