Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On Obesity..Modified Cambridge diet...and EXERCISE

Waalaikum-mussalam Rifqi,

TQ for reading the assignment I gave you on 'Modified Cambridge Diet' [ click here ] At your level of obesity, 15 to 20 kg excess weight,diet alone is not enough. You also need to 'burn' more.
EXERCISE I mean. 5 times a week is better than 4, 4 better than three, everyday better than 5, and once weekly better than nothing at all !

Exercise is boring unless you make it interesting. If you have 'socially pleasurable and interdependent self motivating' group exercise like badminton say 3 times a week, that would be excellent in terms of attaining constancy and frequency. But given our 'cari makan' status and work commitment in a city like KL, to get a similar minded group of people doing such kind of activity on a regular basis with that level of frequency, that would be next to impossible.

Self exercise [ threadmill at home, long brisk walks, swimming, etc etc or even gym work at clubs or Celebrity Fitness Centre even could be difficult to sustain for months], could last for at most a couple of weeks , after that the activity dies off by itself.

People like you need to burn minimum , 300 to 400 kcalories of work at exercise, minimum I think 3 times a week, better still five....minimum 30 minutes per session.
You are already feeling faint ! Okay to keep your spirit up let me tell you of my own predicament. I am, to put it bluntly, in worse predicament than you.

I am carrying an excess of 7 kg from my ideal weight of 70 kg [ height in cm ,minus 100 +- 2 kg, the formullae, I am 168 cm in height ]....small problem but I have 2 sons who are much heavier than you. One has not yet being 'converted' and currently a 'walking time bomb' waiting to explode. While the younger one, has joined me regularly in the late late evening/night swimming at the club, doing 1 kilometre of continuous slow crawl and breast stroke, 40 minutes per session, 3 to 4 times a week. We have tried brisk walking in the neighbourhood at night, but have given up due to safety issues.

The main issue with maintaining exercise on an individual basis is MOTIVATION and a main issue in this is : What do we do with our minds when we are exercising. 20 minutes on the threadmill is too damn long and boring, let alone an hour or so of continuous exercise!...Boring and painful.

Listen to your I-Pod to your favourite music if you are musically inclined. Do your sum if you are mathematically inclined. Think while you exercise if you are philosophically inclined.....but if you are Muslim and get to be my age, in my experimentation, continuous dzikr during exercise is the best option. One can go on for hours without feeling tired.

Choose the simple ones, Asma ul Husna, would probably be the easiest and the simplest. You have multiple permutations and combinations.

I called the formulla : Mixing the Profane and the Sublime.
It works well for me. I now look forward to exercise all the time and get depressed whenever it rains or there is a thunder storm preventing us using the pool!

Enjoy yourself Rifqi !

Nik Howk

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